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Running team Donautal starting from June in red-black running dresses Now the Donautaler can finally chase after best times in a uniform outfit. In red jerseys and black trousers from Löffler you can now also be seen for the public (and for the competition). With the sponsors Mazda Steckbauer and Sparkasse EPW, the team would like to thank further podium places.

Running Team Danube at the Linz Half Marathon
Twelve members of the running team Danube were at the start of the biggest running event in Upper Austria, the Linz Marathon. The good weather should be used to achieve personal best. Walter Eisterer (2h58min) and Johann Kogseder (3h02min) did not make any new best times over the Marathondistanz, but were able to classify themselves in front. Sensationally, however, the Hausruckviertler presented themselves at the Halbmarathon. Three starters of the running team joined the 2300-strong semi-marathon field. Herbert Huemer (6th), Günther Lehner (13th) and Reinhold Straßer (15th) showed the team strength of the young club. Huemer was also happy about the victory in his age class (370 starters!). With the third age class rank of Lehner the Donautaler now already hold at 11 podium places this year.

Great performances at the 9th Eferdinger Stadtlauf
On the previous day, the weather on Easter Monday was again beautiful. The viewing interest was therefore also very large and on the Eferdinger town square was the best mood. As every year, the children who were rewarded with medals for their achievements began the day.
The numbers of participants in the two new competitions, the women’s run and the Nordic Walking, were still below expectations, but the 8 kilometer-long Easter race was again marked by a large participant field. But not only mass, but especially class was this time in Eferding to marvel. For the first time four runners stayed under 25 minutes. Three Ukrainians from the LCC Vienna were not to be beat. Andrej Naumov won in 24: 44min just before Alexei Rubalchenko (24:46) and Vitaly Melzaev (24:48). The Mühlviertler Hubert Maier missed only eight seconds to third place. A further 12 seconds behind, Linz’s Georg Mlynek, the second-best Austrian, finished the race.
For the ladies, the Salzburg Maria Koch was a class in itself. At 27: 25min she managed to get a time before she could manage a woman in Eferding, although the distance was extended by sixty meters to reach exactly 8 kilometers. Elena Samko, also LCC Wien in 29: 25min before Karin Gaberc (29: 44min) from Steyr reached second place.
Franz Steckbauer, the main sponsor of the Easter Race, was not allowed to take part in this tradition event. The running team Danube Valley, which was entrusted with the organization for the first time, was very pleased with the contented runners and the mayor Johann Stadelmayr to give the Easter run, and to present the cups with cups at the Siegerehrung.
Next year, there will be the 10th Eferdinger Stadtlauf on Easter Monday. And this will be something very special because of the anniversary.

Running team Danube triumphant in Bavaria
Every year, an Olympic champion meets in Ottobrunn, a suburb of Munich, to determine the winners at the 6-hour run. This year, six runners from the running team of the Danube were also at the start. The hopes rested above all on the strong ladies, who wanted to go for the victory.
On a 1442m long and relatively hilly round, the aim was to cope with them as often as possible. At temperatures around the freezing point the runners were sent for the journey at 9 o’clock. However, the sun soon provided the participants with the best conditions and a great endurance performance was offered.
As the winner of the ladies’ evaluation, the Waizenkirchnerin Regina Straßer was allowed to celebrate after six hours. With 67.3 kilometers she let only 11 gentlemen the precedence. The total triumph for the running team Danaus Sandberger, who made the second overall rank with 61.9km and Jutta Groißhammer, who ran 60.2km and thus became third. The German competitors had this day quite clearly the look.
The men of the running team had top ten places in their sights. In the half-time after three hours the two Eferdinger Walter Eisterer and Herbert Huemer as well as Reinhold Straßer were in the places 5 to 7. The further race course was then sensational. Eisterer and Straßer managed to maintain the high starting point up to the end, and so they shared the excellent second overall ranking, as is the case for team-mates. 73.3 kilometers meant personal best for both Strasser and, of course, for Eisterer, who, like Huemer, had his first 6-hour run. Huemer, the strongest marathon runner, a team, completed the sensational result with rank 6 and 71.4km. The victory with the men went to Munich’s Sebastian Schöberl, who had just 201 meters ahead.

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