Babylon 5 Episode 3 – Mandiriqq

The Mandiriqq Online is the second episode of the third season of Babylon 5. When the crew of the station starts having hallucinations, the Chief orders all officers to stay put on the station and keep their eyes closed to keep the hallucinations from coming on board.

However, Captain Sheridan begins to think that the hallucinations are coming from the station itself. While the hallucinations are taking place, the station is being attacked by aliens who want the station for their own purposes. The crew of Babylon 5 must decide who they want to save and who they want to let die, as they are faced with a difficult decision.

As the episode progresses, we learn that the Mandiriqq is actually a virus being sent from the aliens who want to take over the station. When the virus takes a hold of the station and begins attacking the crew, the Chief decides that he must shut the station down so that everyone on board will die. Once he shuts down the station, the aliens will be unable to get near it and can’t make a landing on it. With this knowledge, the Captain and his crew decide that they are going to kill the aliens, while killing themselves in the process.

Unfortunately, the aliens try to get a hold of the xenon radiation and use it to destroy the station. When the radiation enters the atmosphere of the planet, it causes a chain reaction that vaporizes the entire planet. As the only people left on the planet, the crew of the station are trapped inside. When Sheridan realizes this, he is not only desperate to shut the station down but also tries to do so at any cost.

The plot of the Mandiriqq is one of the most exciting episodes of the series. It is also a bit disturbing in the sense that the characters are faced with such a serious situation where they could die and nothing can be done. This type of story is very rare in television and therefore, is something that is worth viewing. The story is also good enough to warrant another season so that more of the same episodes can be made. If Babylon 5 ever gets a third season, I am sure that we would have to see many more episodes like this one, as I believe that it was a good show at the time.

In the series finale, we find out that the aliens responsible for the station getting destroyed were actually called the “Rites of Ruin.” Their plans are to take the station and kill all of the people on board in order to destroy the Babylon. Once the destruction of Babylon is accomplished, they will be able to control Babylon’s mind and make it their new headquarters. In addition to this, we learn that the planet is going to be destroyed as well, meaning that all of its population would have been killed.

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