‘Daftar Lapak303’ Is A Well-Made Comedy Film

‘Daftar Lapak303’ Is A Well-Made Comedy Film

A madcap comedy from the writer of “Zoolander”Catching Fire”, “Daftar Lapak303” follows a group of students from the prestigious Khalsa Medical College, led by the dashing Doctor Oak (Hrithik Roshan), who takes the young Sajmit (Ranveer Singh) under his wing. But will his heart be to blame for the mishaps and pitfalls to befall the kids? His heart has got its own share of surprises!

At times, it seems as if the logic that drives Sajmit (who works in the Khalsa as a service attendant) to do his best for his peers only holds sway with him. That is probably because he is trapped within the world of petty politics, instead of standing up to the party leadership and proving himself as a true Sikh of true conviction. But when Sajmit gets a chance to test his wits against fellow students – namely, the rival Gadhi (Pankaj Kapur) and his friend, a video editor who goes by the name of Hari (Shilpa Shetty), he takes the opportunity to do so! This sets off a series of antics and games that take the lives of many unsuspecting parties. But they are not the only ones at risk; an entirely unexpected kind of danger may also come their way!

Despite a significant amount of success in his career, Sajmit shows his lack of discipline while putting together the formalities of the parade. He is forced to postpone the event to a later date, thereby causing further problems for the others. The story progresses as everyone wants to be the first to win a “Drag Race”, the stunt that the director of the event, Guru (Naveen Kumar), wants to hold.

In order to show everyone’s heart, Sajmit plans to entrust the tasks of the parade to a human, which is unexpected by Guru (who wants the event to be attended by a robot). This, however, throws the rest of the students into chaos and confusion as their hearts collide with their minds – and life as we know it comes to an end.

In a state of conflict between Guru’s plan and that of Sajmit, who had never got to test his skills and talents on the school yard, what does Guru’s robot, named ‘Beril’ have to say? It cannot be denied that Beril is the best actor in the world. In fact, he even wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, like Sajmit.

As Sajmit meets his untimely demise, all the kids begin to play mind games and debates on who would win the Drag Race (the film had a huge budget) – when in actuality, nobody can. When the time comes, Beril makes it clear to all, that his “monumental” soul can only be appreciated in a race, which, if all the “society’s” senses are heard, may just be the end of the world!

This is not all, the film was penned by the Daftar Lapak303 late great actor Farokh Mir, and the amount of talent in his writing speaks for itself. His scenes in the film were very well done and one can easily picture him, sitting with Farokh Mir, discussing the kind of characters and how to express them in his script.

With a few twists and turns, the filmmaker can surely make a viewer laugh or cry with Daftar Lapak303. His characters are wonderfully drawn and an old saying, “forgive us our trespasses, for we only arrive half way” comes to a realization here, when people start crossing over into “dead zones” in life.

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