WELCOME to the club Laufteam Donautal

Ahmadi Abdul

Halbarathon: 1:24:57 (Wels, 2016)

Marathon: 3:17:51 (Linz, 2016) 

Abdul (born 1999) has competed on April 25, 2015 his first competition for our club.

With the Linzer 3-Brückenlauf (6km) he performed well with 24: 17min and won the team ranking mixed with two club colleagues.

He has already completed several half-marathons and achieved a time of 1:24:57 (Wels, 2016).

At the 6-hour race in Steyr (Oct. 2015) he was a member of the victorious 4-series, which ran 87.652 miles. 

Abdul’s next goals

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